2011 mazda 5 Review

In the fall of 2010, 5 hits showrooms all-new Mazda in Europe as the successor of Mazda vehicles in the first generation compact multi-activity (C-MAV). The original model has been popular with families looking for more functionality in a compact and secure. Since the launch of the market in 2005, Mazda 5 owners found 500,000 worldwide, 175,000 of them in Europe. He also won 37 vehicle price, and always has been voted one of most reliable and safe disposal of small vans Europe.

A brand new Mazda 5 has been developed from scratch to bring this tradition of success, and an attractive combination of a great exterior styling, excellent interior and safety features that people expect to exceed the C-MAV. Not only is it a completely new exterior, almost sporty sedan and improve the driving experience, but also has two sliding doors again, a large rear door, legroom is of 2 and 3 plan, which is one of the largest segment, the largest and most comfortable seats, the instruments, which are easier to use, and high seating flexibility and functionality. It then adds a quieter cabin, new materials and new engines in comfortable fabrics and implementation that gives driving pleasure, combined with fuel consumption is reduced to two digits and CO2 emissions than the previous Mazda 5

These features - and a long list of equipment - the new Mazda 5, even better to the demands of European families with active lifestyles.

The program is the recycling of vehicles Mazda

Currently, about 80 percent (by weight) of ingredients, at the end of the life of Mazda vehicles, in particular, the metal parts are recycled. Efforts continue to raise the sum, allowing the recycling of the resin, glass and other materials that make up the remaining 20 percent. Plastic parts are marked with the designation of ISO easy separation of materials, but can be easily recycled resin of polypropylene (PP) is used to make the front and rear bumpers, instrument panels and cabin trim.

A new dynamic flow

A brand new Mazda 5 is a completely new exterior, which employs Nagare flow design, which won design awards for concept cars of Mazda. These factors, combined with the front of the new Mazda "hidden" in column D and the new horizontal taillights lend it the amendment, which has a single C-MAV segment. Inside, the Mazda 5 is the new dashboard, steering wheel and center console, as well as new locations, materials, colors and fabrics to enhance the quality feel.

All-New Exterior

Mazda MPV incorporates the new image of the brand family that not only enhance the future of sports, but also improves the aerodynamics and engine cooling performance. The five-point scale is much larger, more sculpted front bumper, new headlights and sharper. Under these openings are new, fog lights deeply rooted in the bumper. This creates a thick lower lip, which rises along the outer edge of the front and on the wing. wing movement Pico-up created by the fog lamp rim, wheel covers responding to a wave line Nagare flow moving characters on the side of the vehicle and the rear panel just below the door sliders .

This unique hinge side panel is based on patterns formed when the wind blows over the water. It includes the front bumper side area, with the sides and rear of the vehicle so that, when combined with the character line in the lower area of ​​the door, there is a sense of movement even when the vehicle is stationary. The "hidden" column D - composed of glass covering - and built horizontal taillights effect of improving the flow from front to back, and that the new Mazda 5 was both unique in the C-MAV segment undoubtedly a Mazda.

Wheels and exterior colors

New Nagare flow aluminum / alloy wheels models (16 and 17 inches) was introduced twisted surfaces that give them a sporty three-dimensionality, which promotes flow patterns, and Mazda 5 silhouette.

There is also a 15-inch wheels of steel full wheel cover. There are 8 exterior colors for customers to choose from, including the new bright blue water.

New front passenger area, new materials and fabrics

A new instrument panel design is inserted into the new Mazda 5 makes the front passenger area seems more than ever, and gives a high level of sportsmanship and interior styling. The pilot group chapel, for example, it is now, flowing in an arc to form the outer edge of the center console for an integrated look of quality. The new instrument panel now has a white light, and console information display high in the upper center. The center console incorporates a new frameless, open triangle that includes the dashboard, and a design of completely new audio panel with chrome buttons. The chrome is also new to the gear lever, air vents and air conditioning door handles. Rings meters, door panel, door panel and the line switch in the central panel are finished in matt silver of high quality.

new black fabric for use in even higher quality feel. Five and seven-seat access to the seats of the class are two different tissues and gradual small central part of the board. Mid-and high-quality cloth seats are upright, wavy lines that express Nagare flow and synthetic leather piping and stitching the edge of a dark blue tint. Leather seats are also available in the middle of the perforations in the back, and piping and red stitching, giving it a sporty look.

Ideal family car

When a pitch of 2750 mm, total width of 1750 and the total height of 1615 mm, a brand new Mazda 5 offers the complete package that can comfortably accommodate seven people, giving good directions. The new model is 80 mm more than the current model, 4585 mm, because it is a well-designed front end design that ensures excellent aerodynamic performance and improve safety for pedestrians.

Easy to use

Two rear sliding doors, a 130 mm wide 439 mm steps from the earth, and one of the largest segment of the rear door opening (686 mm width, 1083 mm high) for easy access to the Mazda 5 interior, even if you have a child in your arms. Electric rear doors can be opened automatically with the remote central key or button on the dashboard, or manually using the handles on the doors. The driver enjoys an optimized shape of the bonnet and little by little seat adjustment for a wide viewing angle, making the city driving and parking easier. And of course the steering wheel tilt and telescope adjustable.

Instrumentation has been optimized for easy and intuitive to use. two-meter butterfly is a new Air Control that indicates the current position and inform the driver to change gears in the appropriate driving conditions - for optimum fuel consumption and steady performance. Center console audio buttons - change the disk / class / folders / files / Track - located in the center of the audio panel and refocus the chrome molding for an easy to use. Knobs are of high quality chrome edging, and the buttons are grouped according to their function, so that they can be easily identified during the trip. New information display board that is placed on top of the dashboard to reduce eye movement required to read while driving. Browse monitors (audio and trip computer) is easy to use with a button on the steering wheel. Armrest and front passenger will be introduced. driver and front passenger seat center armrest has been extended (15 mm) to support the arm better.

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