2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

The most powerful, technologically advanced, a high-performance Jeep vehicle ever - the all-new 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 - arrived in the summer of 2011 with a combination of legendary Jeep capability and utility companies, merged with the Engineering peak performance of the famous street of Chrysler LLC and Racing Technology (SRT) team.

Provides excellent handling in all conditions and complemented by SRT key properties - including functional, performance-oriented design, world-class ride and handling, braking and race-inspired interior appointments - the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Jeep expands the range and builds on the successful launch of the award-winning Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011.

"The all-new 2012 Grand Cherokee SRT8 is the ultimate performance SUV that offers a combination of ability and user friendliness Jeep, world-class performance, luxury and sophistication, and advanced innovative technologies," said Mike Manley, President and CEO - Jeep brand, Chrysler LLC. "Jeep vehicles have long been known for their off-road capabilities. Besides Jeep four-wheel drive and utility, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 capacity to a new level by giving fans extreme performance for the conduct of the street and track.

"Our new performance SUV benchmark grows efficiently Grand Cherokee portfolio, and will continue to attract new customers in the Jeep showrooms," said Manley.

Designed and built using the proven formula that raises SRT performance to dizzying levels, the new 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 will go from 0 to 60 km / h in 4.8 seconds, 0-100-0 km / h in the mid 16 second range can cover the quarter mile in the mid-range 13 seconds, has a top speed of 155 km / h and the brakes 60 to 0 km / h in 116 meters.

The owners of the car, Chrysler Group SRT receives a day of professional driving lessons from Richard Petty Racing School as part of the SRT track experience, designed to enhance their knowledge and driving skills on the road or the track. Sessions held throughout the year on selected tracks.

Awe-inspiring power transmission

Power Transmission 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is the new Chrysler Group 6.4-liter HEMI V-8 with the Fuel Saver technology, which provides an estimate 465 hp and 465 lb-ft of torque - an improvement of 45 horses and 45 lb-ft of torque on the 6.1-liter HEMI V-8 it replaces.

Active intake manifold and high-lift cam with the cam slowly as possible to produce low-end torque while maximizing high-level performance and to improve the wider rpm band. In particular, 90 percent of torque available between 2800 and 6000 revolutions per minute, which allows a permanent inspiration starts, and improved performance in a straight line.

Fuel economy standards for technology and new-for-2012 operating system allows the exhaust valve four-cylinder engine is operated over a wider rev range, capable of producing as well as improve fuel efficiency - about 13 per cent increase on the highway - and extended about 450 miles on one tank of gas.

Standard joysticks mounted steering wheel to reach the stick automatic standard on the ground. Both are paired with an automatic transmission tested, so a choice of moving animated road and track. Each method allows the driver to pass, while the transmission controller calibration prevents situations that could turn the engine over. Fully adaptive electronic control of all the changes makes the powertrain more responsive, while reducing the hardness.

Excellent ride, handling and the ability to

For 2011, all models with a Jeep Grand Cherokee with improved and refined road race in part to the body structure of the car. The torsional rigidity has been improved 146 percent over the previous model, for improved ride, durability and noise reduction, vibration and harshness. This increase was achieved with more than 5400 welds in the body alone, marking an increase of 53 percent in spot welds, an increase of 42 percent in arc welding and an increase of 38 percent of 'structural adhesive.

With the new Grand Cherokee SRT8 2012, engineers improved further handling.

The Jeep vehicle handling growing - capable of 0.90 g on the skid pad - has a new SRT-listening, adaptive suspension damping managed by the new Jeep Selec-Track system that interacts with several different systems ( stability control, adaptive damping, transmission strategy for change, the dose of torque transfer case performance electronic limited slip differential, throttle and cylinder activation) to automatically adjust the vehicle dynamics. Drivers can manually select from five modes of specific dynamic driving conditions:

Auto: allows the tour the most consistent and automatically adjusts to any road situation using adaptive ride control

Sports: gives you more control of the body for a sporty, fun to drive, walk down the street

Trailer: provides a safe reduction in the pitch and bounce higher towing capacity

Track: offers a high performance, the company, the suspension "track-tuned" for the opportunity to block the movements of the body of all the experience of time management

Snow offers the most dynamic conservative, the vehicle in order to maintain security on-line in the cold winter

Standard Jeep Quadra-Trac active on-demand four-wheel drive transfer case uses the input from a variety of sensors to determine tire slip at the earliest opportunity and take corrective action. The system uses gas Anticipate the sense of rapid movement of gas from one end and maximizes the front-wheel slippage occurs. When gaps are identified tires, the Jeep 4x4 system transfer up to 100 percent of available torque to one wheel.

The transfer case also improves the handling of dosage of torque between the front and rear axles to maintain the driver's intended path. The new Grand Cherokee SRT8 is equipped with an electronic limited slip differential which eliminates wheel spin back and improves handling.

The adjusted return, fully hydraulic steering system has been improved with a new pump heavy cooler pump. Prepare revised offers drivers more direct feel and response center.

Redistribution of 5-spoke 20-inch wheels forged aluminum tower P295/45ZR20 Pirelli PZero run-flat tires (standard all-season or three seasons).

To complete the position in 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is rated to tow 5000 pounds.

Excellent braking

Chrysler Group SRT vehicles are well known for its world-class braking. Braking power in 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 courtesy of new high-performance brakes with ABS SRT Brembo four-wheel (ABS).

Stopping distance performance of 116 meters from 60 to 0 km / h made possible by new red-painted Brembo 6-piston (front) and 4-piston (rear) calipers and ventilated discs measuring around 15 inches (before ) and 13.8 inches (rear).

Aggressive foreign and functional

The operational performance of the exterior of 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 features of "planted" the appearance of high-performance sports car is reduced by 1 inch and adding new, the SRT-exclusive, body-color wheel flares and a half cover threshold.

A piece front fascia includes new multi-function LED daytime running lights, resulting in an exclusive face for the new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, while a body-color grille with a black background and unique chrome trim bezel adds aggressive pace.

Integrated lower grille is painted glossy black base and a shoe with new design has integrated brake ducts for improved cooling performance and fade. Complete new front is a newly sculpted hood with exhaust heat from two black functional for added engine cooling.

Back continue SRT performance impact with new hatchback spoiler that reduces drag and improves support. A unique one piece rear fascia includes a separate diffuser with an empty trailer and cover the receiver. New for 2012 version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 is the dual exhaust system, sport exhaust tips with 4-inch.

Layout race-inspired and functional

In 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee is refined, luxurious cabin has a sense of performance in SRT8 form, with the race-inspired technology and the SRT-exclusive agreements.

A new, heated leather-wrapped steering wheel rim has a section with a flat bottom surface only - which suggests a racing-inspired cockpit - which features the SRT logo. Standard hand control paddle on both sides of the palm of new contours then all audio files and electronic vehicle information center controls (EVIC) are accessible from the horizontal spokes of the wheel. A tilt and telescoping steering wheel is standard.

Sites Performance SRT-exclusive are new for 2012 and show an immediate feedback to control the input measures, power, torque, 0-60 km / h, kmh 60-0 stopping distance, g-forces, and eighth mile and quarter mile times, with increased engine information.

New SRT-style nappa leather and suede with sculpted seat cushions, adjustable headrests offer comfort to readers of newspapers - and "grip" to keep the driver and passenger in place during sporty driving. SRT logo embroidery and contrast stitching accent the front seats. (Heated front and rear) and ventilated (front) seats are standard.

Carbon fiber are integrated in the dashboard and door trim and new light, racing-style brakes and pads add to the appearance of high performance inside the cab.

Available solar roof panel provides a dual CommandView area two times more than standard glass sunroof and extends from the windshield to the rear of the vehicle.

Available in Luxury Group, Premium Package adds leather door panels, dashboard and center console and power products division, Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Warning forward, and blind-spot monitoring.

Safety and security

Already a recipient of the 2011 Insurance Highway Safety (IIHS) "Top Safety Pick" for the Grand Cherokee models volume of the Institute, the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 offers consumers 45 safety features, including:

Active head restraints: Deploy the case of a rear collision. The limits are designed to reduce damage by reducing the gap between the headrest and the passenger's head

Active turn signals, lights will flash three times when the rod is pressed for one second to indicate a lane change

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC): The system reduces the vehicle speed set cruise control to close at another vehicle in the same lane, or when another vehicle pulls in the same corridor. The system accelerates the programmed speed when the vehicle speed from the beginning or moves in another direction. The ACC will maintain a distance between the vehicle-adjustable driver and in front of him, allowing the use of speed control on the flow of light without having to constantly adjust the parameters

Advanced multi-stage air bags: inflate with a force proportional to the severity of impact requirements Meets FMVSS 208 advanced air bags for the children out of position occupants

Antilock braking system (ABS): Senses and prevents wheel lockup, offering improved steering control under extreme conditions of braking and / or slippery conditions

Anti-lock brakes with rough road detection system anti-lock braking can detect if the vehicle runs on a difficult road of oscillations in the wheel speed signals. When the rough road is detected on off-road surfaces or trails, the ABS in a second pressure control where it will hold brake pressure pulses over

BeltAlert: To turn the ringer and / or icon highlights the instrument cluster to remind the driver and front passenger to the high yield, if the vehicle is driven without a front seat passenger wearing a safety belt

Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) uses dual ultra-wideband radar sensors to help drivers when changing lanes, or if it is resolved or goes invisible to vehicles. The system will warn the driver of the vehicle (s) in their area of ​​shadow across the illuminated icons on the driver's side mirror and the selected sound bell

Brake Assist: In an emergency braking situation, the system applies maximum braking power, minimizing braking distance

Brake bypass the dispute between the gas and brake, the brake control signal causes the engine to reduce engine power when the driver stops the car

The brake-traction control system (BTCS): Helps to keep the wheels of car from spinning during acceleration will stop or slow speeds by applying individual brakes wheel slip (s)

Highchair anchoring system: LATCH (Lower Anchors and tethers for children) is designed to ease installation of compatible aftermarket child seats

Constant Force Retractors (CFR) regulates the force exerted on the occupant of the seat belt, and then gradually release seat belt webbing in a controlled manner

Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM): An extension of electronic stability control (ESC). Use the ESC input from sensors to anticipate if the vehicle is at risk of entering a potential roll situation, then applies the brakes individually and modulating throttle position as required

Electronic Stability Control (ESC): Enhances driver control and helps maintain directional stability in all conditions. The advantage in critical situations such as turns, and is valid for driving on mixed surface conditions including snow, ice or gravel. If there is an appreciable difference between the decisions of the driver through the steering wheel and the vehicle's path, ESC applies the selective braking and throttle to guide the vehicle on the driver's desired path

Energy-absorbing steering column: the power to adjust the steering wheel employs a calibrated bending element that deforms during column stroke for optimal energy management

Enhanced Accident Response System (ears) to help emergency personnel to see and reach occupants in the event of an accident by throwing the interior lighting and unlocking doors after air bag deployment. Even off the flow of fuel when the engine

Express up / down window of Windows with one-touch express power up / down in the driver and front passenger side of the door

Forward Collision Warning (FCW): Using a rear-facing radar sensors, the system detects when the vehicle can be another vehicle is approaching too quickly, and warn the driver so the driver can determine what action should be taken to prevent the vehicle collision

High Intensity Discharge (HID): Provide approximately three times the light output of conventional reflector lamps for improved nighttime illumination

Hill Start Assist (HSA): Assists drivers when starting a vehicle from a stop on a hill by maintaining the level of brake pressure applied for a short period of time after a driver's foot brake pedal removed . If the throttle is not applied in a short time after the driver's foot leaves the brake pedal, brake pressure is released

Enter Keyless-N-Go: When a person enters the vehicle, the electronic sensors detect the vehicle key ring is present. The vehicle will then allow the individual to press a button to start the car without inserting the key in the ignition

It reinforces the knee: The lower instrument panel and glove box door are designed to properly position the occupant during impact, enabling air bags to work effectively

Navigation: voice-activated navigation system to provide real-time traffic to give clear guidance to the target using Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite

park sense rear park assist system: easier at low speeds in Reverse to detect stationary objects. Acoustic signals consisting of a driver and has discussed the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC), integrated instrument panel

ParkView Rear View Camera: Provides a wide-angle view of the area immediately behind the vehicle, giving the peace of most of the drivers before switching to low speed. Contains row of the grid to help the driver when maneuvering in parking spaces or tight places. Also contributing to the tail of a towing vehicle when equipped. The image is displayed on the navigation screen when the transmission goes into reverse

Electric tilt and telescopic steering column memory: Provides a tilt steering column and move towards or away from the driver for a safe and comfortable distance from the advanced multi-stage driver airbag, if deployed

Brake Assist Rain: Use the pump to push the brake pads of the ESC in a bit against the brake discs in the rain to keep the rotors dry

Windscreen wipers with rain sensor: driver convenience feature that automatically detects the moisture on the windshield and activates the wipers

Ready Brake Alert: Anticipate situations where the driver can be stopped in emergency braking and uses the ESC to pump the brake pads against the rotors to reduce the time required to complete the application of the brakes

Stations of the Cross-back (CPR): In parking situations, the system warns the driver of the car traffic protection for your vehicle. It is activated when the vehicle is in reverse. The driver is informed of vehicle (s) crossing behind the vehicle through icons on the bright side mirror and driver selected sound of the bell

Distance (fob) Power windows (front windows - and only) to allow a passive person to cool the vehicle prior to opening the windows at a distance

Remote keyless entry: Locks and unlocks doors and turns on interior lighting. If the vehicle is equipped with a security alarm, the remote also arms and disarms that system

Remote start: OK starts the engine and actuates the key comfort parameters with environmental conditions while maintaining the key vehicle safety

Rollover accident Detection: Sense and apply a pre-tensioner bearing and / or standard full-length side curtain airbags as needed

Belt pretensioners: During a collision, impact sensors initiate front seat belt pretensioners to remove slack in the seatbelt system, which reduces the forward movement of the occupant's head and torso

Sentry Key engine immobilizer: Use the key engine that has an embedded transponder programmed with a security code for preventing theft of vehicles. When the ignition key is pressed, the controller sends a random number to the transponder and the engine must be started. If the wrong key is used, the engine shuts off after a few seconds

Signal Mirrors: integrated signal lamp in the house of mirrors gives indicators to be seen from the front and the sides and rear of the vehicle to warn oncoming vehicles and pedestrians

SmartBeam headlights: lighting system adapts to the ambient light and oncoming traffic to produce the maximum lighting

Standard full-length side curtain airbags: extend the protection to all pre-and outside rear passengers. Each side air bag has its own impact sensor that autonomously triggers the air bag on the side where impact occurs. This type of air bag is housed in the pavilion just above the side windows

Standard seat thorax side air bags: Provide enhanced protection thedriver and outside front passenger in certain consequences. Each bag has its own party impact sensor that autonomously active side air bags, where the impact occurs. Standard side airbags are placed inside the outer side of each front seat

The three-point seat belts: front outboard seats and all rear seating positions have lap and shoulder belt

Tire-pressure monitoring (TPM) informs the driver when the pressure is too low. Pressure sensor modules within the valve stems of all four wheels send continuous radio frequency signals to a receiver, and the system

Trailer swing control (TSC): Reduces trailer sway and improves handling in adverse towing conditions because of crosswinds and traffic. The system controls the movement of the vehicle than the driver's intended path, then applies brake pressure to slow the vehicle AC and then increases the pressure on a front wheel in order to eliminate fluctuations caused by the trailer

Uconnect Phone: From vehicle, voice communication system that allows customers to talk on their phones compatible with Bluetooth hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. The built in directory synchronization automatically download up to 1000 entries in the phonebook, which can then be selected by speaking the contact name

Connectivity, information and entertainment

New for 2012 is available in 825-watt, 19 speaker premium sound system with surround sound SRT Harman Kardon, which includes 10-inch subwoofer sound quality last.

A wide range of functions easy to use infotainment options are available with features that offer customers a seamless integration of consumer electronic devices that provide drivers and passengers the comfort of home and office.

Garmin navigation and SIRIUS Travel Link and 430N are a series AM / FM / CD / DVD radio. In addition, the standard has many features, such as Sirius satellite radio and the telephone Uconnect.

Available Vehicle Entertainment System (VES), includes a DVD player and rear seat above the screen, producing a variety of programming choices, with ports to connect games and portable media players, audio and video output, such as iPod connectivity. Media Center, or ESR remote can control multiple inputs and a screen, each screen can be something different.

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