Australia's Red Centre

Australia's Red Centre

You probably already know about the red monolith in the Red Centre of Australia.
You probably know this sacred stone for the local Aboriginal community, and reflect the amazing colors when the sun rises and sets. You may not know that you can see through the eyes of Aboriginal people, or there are many sacred places and other amazing here in the middle of the Australia wide. Twin Uluru, Kata Tjuta ie, located only 40 kilometers from here and you'll find an awesome Kings Canyon canyon not far from Alice Springs. You may not realize in this landscape there is greenery and water pools are beautiful, dusty red roads and giant slabs of stone. And what might you do not really understand until you get here is the magic, majesty, loneliness and alienation that suggests Australia's Red Centre.

Five places you must visit the Red Centre

Australia's Red Centre1. Alice Springs and surrounding areas

Overnight at the famous outback town of Alice Springs, located in the middle of Australia just 200 kilometers south of the geographic center. From here you can walk through the jungle undergrowth, up double-axle vehicle or ride a camel across undulating sand dunes in the Simpson Desert. Biking to Simpsons Gap area in the morning, discover different styles of Aboriginal art along the Tanami Track and explore the rock art, artefacts and traditional ceremony site near the small village of St Teresa's Aborigines.

Australia's Red Centre2. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Watch Uluru towering 348 feet from the desert sand deep in the middle of Australia, which combines light and weather with colors that are so beautifully that rival the beauty of the sunset. Walking around Uluru along the foothills of the Anangu guide, and learn how rocks are created by ancestral spirits of the Dreamtime (the creation of the earth). You can even browse the traces they leave behind war. See Uluru while riding a motorcycle, from the back of a camel or helicopter ride with beautiful scenery. Drink a glass of champagne while watching the glint of the rock hill at sunset, then go home to enjoy dinner on the edge of a campfire, in the form of fish, barramundi, emu or kangaroo meat birds under bright starry skies. Only 40 kilometers from here, you will see Kata Tjuta - steep reddish circular dome formed by erosion for more than 500 million years. You can see both the wonders of this world in the National Park Uluru-Kata Tjuta, which offers tours with Aboriginal guides and accommodation ranging from camping to luxury resorts.

Australia's Red Centre3. Kings Canyon and the canyon National Park Watarrka

Walking to the edge of the canyon Kings Canyon to witness the stunning views of cliffs and canyons of the Park Watarrka bumpy. Stone wall protecting the towering canyon crevices that overgrown palm trees and lush green parts in the usually arid desert. See rare plants of the wet era that has passed and swimming in the tropical Garden of Eden. Explore the rock domes that have been weathered weathered in Lost City. Watch the sunset at Carmichael Crag, follow your tour Kathleen Springs Walk into the beautiful pool or walk all night along the Giles Track. If you do not like camping, you can spend the night at the resort or lodging in the wilderness.

Australia's Red Centre4. Finke Gorge National Park

Double axle car driving near cliffs towering sandstone and Finke River is partly sandy, partly dry at Finke Gorge National Park. Explore the desert oasis of Palm Valley in the valley, the only place in the world where there are Red Cabbage Palm. You can walk between the palm trees that lean in travel or tourism Mpulungkinya Arankaia Walk Walk that takes longer. Next, follow the short tour Kalaranga Lookout Walk to see the stunning views of the stone amphitheater that is surrounded by undulating cliffs. Or learn mythology of the Western Arrernte Aboriginal people in the two-hour tour of the famous Walk Mpaara. See knaggy gum trees that stretched long over sparkling water and mountains that change color from purple to red light at sunset.

Australia's Red Centre5. MacDonnell Ranges

Walking along the Larapinta Trail or path Emu Dreaming to Ormiston Gorge and Pound, through the trees a beautiful red river gum, wallabies and a pool of clear and cool. Admire the steep canyon walls that rise 300 meters from the river Ormiston Creek, then dive into the pool 14 meters deep. You can also refresh themselves in Ellergy Creek Big Hole, Redbank Gorge and Glen Helen Gorge is beautiful. Watch the rock wallabies in the surrounding hills and ghost gum tree at Simpsons Gap. Walking into Standley Chasm and see the steep walls reflect light red color in the sun in broad daylight. Do not forget to see the crater as wide as 20 kilometers in the Gosse Bluff, or Tnorala for the Western Arrernte Aboriginal people. The story of dreaming them a little more magical than scientific explanations say the crater was formed by a comet that fell to Earth about 130 million years ago. In the mountains of East MacDonnell, you can walk through the jungle bush, camping, ride a double axle vehicles and visit the Gorge and the town Trephina Arltunga gold hunt was abandoned.

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