2011 Fiat Idea Review

The idea successful Fiat gains new importance of becoming more competitive. Among them. New exterior styling, new engines E.torQ, a selection of current releases and technology

New Fiat Idea design, developed in Brazil, the Centro Estilo Fiat [Fiat Style Centre] in Latin America, to give a tone more sophisticated model, a well-defined lines and plans to limit slots. Behind the new LED tail lights - Fiat Idea is the nation's first to offer this technology to the car. They emphasize the model of a strong identity, add a unique look.

The interior offers a comfortable driving new idea even more, first class finishes and a generous and very well used. With rear floor flat and square set with three headrests, bringing the five people comfortably.

Fiat's new idea now offers the new engine family E.torQ, 1.6 16V and 16V 1.8, developed by the Department of Engineering FPT - Powertrain Technologies. Flex-fuel (runs on any mixture of ethanol and gasoline) and 16 valves, these engines collect peak emissions level, the economy and low noise level and ultimate reliability and durability. They are made to the engine plant recently opened in Campo Largo, ParanĂ¡.

Now, customers can choose from seven versions of the new range of Fiat Idea: There are three engine configurations (1.4 Fire, E. Torq 1.6 16V and 16V 1.8), four trim levels (essentially attractive, and adventure sports) and two transmissions - five-speed manual or automatic Dualogic ® - always to the customer needs with the most cost-effective.

Since its launch in 2005, Fiat Idea has already been a success. With its original lines, ample interior space and versatility, balancing the size of compact vehicle with the characteristics of a passenger vehicle, which offers several new features in the segment.

The technology is an important aspect of this formula. SkyDome sunroof, ABS brakes, airbags, hands-free Bluetooth ™, the rain, parking sensors and dusk, among other things, enthusiastic customers. In addition, it was the only model in its segment to offer two engine configurations, the Flex.

In the following years, leveraged Fiat concept car to offer it in the Adventure version. Fiat Idea Adventure was the first minivan in the country with a light off-road appeal: United comfort and space of a city vehicle for style and robustness of an off-road. This is a complete car, with a long list of standard features.

In 2008, significant progress had another Fiat Idea Adventure received the block difference Locker. Fiat was the first manufacturer worldwide to offer a vehicle with a differential block in a car with front wheel drive. Today, the whole family adventure has provided this important resource that helps the car to face the difficult road conditions. A year later, the received version Dualogic ® optional automatic transmission, to make driving more enjoyable.

Now, the evolution of the Fiat Idea comes to market. More elegant, more efficient and complete, it has all the qualities to continue her path to success.


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