Fiat 500 Sport 2011

Restart and rethought the Fiat 500 is coming soon to America. Born in Italy, perfectly tailored to the sixteenth century America is a vibrant and attractive, because it is a fit and agile. Fiat 500 Sport, view these images, says aesthetic sleek and stylish Fiat. Like the original Fiat 500 for half a century ago, the new Cinquecento will continue while the timeless value consists of individual expression and the opportunity - all infused with a world-class professional.

Offers five unique changes in the North American market and is designed for people who want style and fashion can be next to the convenience and functionality. Responsible for the sport-tuned suspension, the Fiat 500 Sport athletic style features front and rear fascias and a grid wider flared aero treatment. Sometimes it is only looking 16-inch aluminum painted Mineral Gray pockets, including a new side sill cover body of the sixteenth century to improve the appearance of the sport.

Fill out this sporty performance of the car red painted brake calipers, a chrome exhaust tip and black window trim bright shadow line. The Fiat 500 Sport is also equipped with a sunroof Skydome available power to the point of view of the ultra-open world. The Fiat 500 will be available in the Pop and Lounge models with external signals and unique variations of various equipment.

State-of-the-art world-class 1.4-liter engine Fiat Multiair ™ technology powers the Fiat 500 Sport. Multiair significantly reduce emissions and improve the delivery of fuel economy and power up to 10 percent, compared to similar engines.

Fiat 500 technology, driving dynamics and interior features have been carefully adapted to the North American market, and offers a small car buyers a stylish and high-value option. The new Fiat 500 is available to order by the end of the year, Sports, Pop and Lounge models, after which the new Fiat 500C (convertible), in the spring of 2011.

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