2010 GMC Granite Concept

Combining aesthetics decidedly urban industrial design with features for young professionals, Granite Concept GMC is the ability to brand the brand in a new direction more progressive. It was unveiled at the 2010 North American International Auto in Detroit.

If the marketing, the concept of granite is the smallest GMC GMC ever - but has been optimized to feel much larger. Its length is 2 full feet (0.6 m) shorter than the way new compact crossover, but its open interior has been designed to be spacious and flexible to the needs of the population. The generous cargo space and seats only flip / folding, for example, allow a mountain bike to fully charge the inside of the tailgate closed.

"Concept GMC granite was conceived as a new GMC vehicle type - which could extend people's ideas of what may be a GMC," said Lisa Hutchinson, director of product marketing for GMC "We call it". urban utility vehicle "and our goal was to redefine what the GMC name could mean a new generation of customers who want both a bold design and functionality."

The current composition of GMC trucks and crossover SUV, the GMC concept of Granite offers style and functionality, advanced features, high quality materials and attention to detail. Industrial external influence is combined with a broad and exact features of the tools and technology. Heating systems, navigation and infotainment technologies, for example, looks through the large new generation of technology in organic light emitting diodes, which is more dynamic than traditional screens used in most production vehicles.


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