2010 Gordon Murray T.25 Concept

Gordon Murray Design T.25 city car makes its first appearance in public, Forum Smith International School and the economic environment of Oxford.
The T.25 is a major breakthrough in urban design in areas such as weight, size, safety, friendliness and efficiency. Although the use of a holistic approach and adapted to the purpose of design and development of T.25, the design of Gordon Murray had the opportunity to integrate multiple solutions to problems of urban mobility T.25 design.

A global leader in turning radius of 6 meters to help maneuver in urban areas and parking, while its 1.3-meter open opportunity to all areas of synchronized channels with two vehicles and having an alley. Combining this with the distance a car could triple channel assignments during peak hours. The length of the courts of the T.25 's also opens the opportunity to park at the end of the sidewalk and the door opening allows 3 cars to park in a parking space in parallel.

Gordon Murray Design was created in 2007 to develop innovative manufacturing technology and disruptive of the iStream ® automotive brand and the design and prototype of the T.25 city car was instrumental in the development and validation of iStream ®. This process is now industrialized, including final plans of the factory by consultants of the car.

The assembly process iStream ® is a complete overhaul and rethinking of traditional manufacturing and could potentially be the greatest revolution in the management of large amounts from Model T. The development process began 15 years ago and has already won the prestigious 2008 "Idea of ​​the Year" award from Autocar, who received preferential access to their evaluation. The simplified assembly process means that the plant can be designed to be 20% of the size of a conventional plant.


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