2011 Mercedes B55 Concept

Spacious, innovative and safe, compact models of the Mercedes A and B class with their high-score feature, and found with over 2.5 million customers as a result. Only an extraordinary example was built at the factory in Rastatt, and shows the class B in a new light: a B55 with a V8 engine and rear wheel drive.

The idea came from the director of the Rastatt plant, Peter Wesper. He gave some of his colleagues in the task of creating a unique vehicle, based on the B-Class - and left their creativity to determine what and how. Andreas Wurz, a foreman in the department of technical training, immediately accepted the challenge. He took a close look at this great compact model, called using a tape measure and came up with an idea that not only surprised and delighted with his boss and colleagues, as well as students: "In fact it should be possible to mount a V8 in the engine compartment. "
Along with his compatriot Matthias Rieger foreman of the section of electricity / electronics, bringing together a group of twelve students in second year and third year of production that specializes in auto mechanics and mechatronics.

The specification was developed:

The spatial concept of the Class B would remain unchanged.

Externally he only slight signs of alteration.

The interior had to be brought into line with the new category of vehicles aspired to.

And the result of the conversion was very well suited to day to day driving.


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